Life Compass Camp

Life Compass Day Camp    

Phil Griffith, retired from Porter County Emergency Management, helps a Life Compass Camper with her archery aim!
Outdoor & Self-Discovery Adventure
for Children 7 to 20
with Autism, Asperger’s, & ADHD

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Summer 2016
Mon-Fri August 1 through August 5, 2016
***More staff = more room!***

How do we sign up for Life Compass Camp?

Cost of Life Compass Camp 
$175.00 (includes camp shirt, water bottle, journal, and snacks)

Camp runs all 5 days from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Held at: Camp To-Pe-Ne-Bee (0377 N Holmesville Rd., Michigan City, IN 46360) off of Hwy 421, north of Westville

Scholarship Application Click HERE


Life Compass Camp IMAGE

Life Compass Camp is a summer day camp for ages 7-17 that can benefit from a structured and compassionate small group environment with a focus on building personal and social confidence. Programs are structured to provide campers with Asperger’s, ADHD, and Autism an outdoor experience that meets their needs. (18-20 year olds with special needs may be eligible for Volunteer Junior Staff – contact us for more details.) Camp is a program of the Learning for Life division of LaSalle Council, BSA.

Why Attend Life Compass Camp?

  • Social Ability – Your camper can feel safe and comfortable and learn how to be interested in others. Making and maintaining relationships comes naturally for some, and for others, needs nurturing. Campers will explore their own abilities and discover how they fit together with others personalities.
  • Cognitive Ability – Your camper has an amazing way of thinking! Campers are encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives in an emotionally safe environment.
  • Outdoor Experience / Physical Activity – Being outdoors in nature has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress and physical activity is good for the mind, body, and soul. What a memorable experience to have both than an entire week at camp!
  • FUN – Campers are constantly engaged in activities that build skills disguised as FUN, plus fun activities that are simply for the pure enjoyment of having fun!
  • A Break for Caregivers – Caregivers can take a break knowing their camper is getting a great experience that considers all his/her amazing abilities and personality!

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For program information, contact Camp Director Cher Wright at 219-309-4167

Ask a Question with the contact form Below!

Who Can Attend to Life Compass Camp?

  • Campers who are able to communicate and functionally perform on his/her own basic needs such as feeding, managing hygiene, and toileting independently.
  • Campers with no history of serious suicide attempts, substantial potential for suicide risk, or history of significant personal violence as well as no recent (12 months) history of physical aggression toward others.
  • Campers with no physical conditions or diseases limiting the ability to safely endure extended outdoor activity in cool, hot, or wet weather.
  • Campers with diabetes need to have successfully managed their condition in settings outside their primary residence.

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